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Sun Awning

  • The Sun awning object
    Inserting a Sun Awning object
    rotate greater minor drawing levels view 3D
  • Sun Awning Geometry
    Sun Awning properties
    Catalogue Vertical Horizontal Rows Typology Height 2 Width Overhang Vertical Drop None Linear Rectangular Triangular Arc Opening Horizontal Supports Sharp Edges Rounded Height Reference System Level Materials Sun Awning Cylindrical spherical trapezoidal round Arms Single Drop vertical segments inclined Sun Awning
  • Editing the Sun Awning
    Changing the size of a sun awning directly from the belonging Level
    Floor plan Properties Geometry Dimensions Width overhang modify edit length move
  • Changing the sun awning dimensions in 3D
    Change the size of the sun awning object directly from the 3D view
    3D View Toolbox Properties Dimensions Geometry Width Height Depth Edit Length Sun Awning.
  • The fabric textures for Sun Awnings
    How to create customized materials for Sun Awnings
    User Catalogue Materials Color Add Texture List Layers Material Layer Duplicate Delete Move Up Move Down Thickness Colour Generate