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Light Well

  • Light Well
    Drawing a light well
    Grip extensions F5 F6 F7 F8 rotate < less than Architectural Design Levels 3D view Light Well
  • The Light well Geometry
    The Properties for Changing the Light Well geometry
    Material Layers Catalog Slab Freestanding bottom Geometry Thickness Length Height Width Removes element Confirmation Grid Model grating metallic glass reinforced hole Offset
  • The Light Well object: Height Reference System
    The Light Well object's Height Reference System [HRS]
    Height Reference System [HRS] Floor level Materials Light Well
  • Editing a Light Well object
    Changing the size of a Light well directly from the belonging Level
    Floor plan Properties Geometry Dimensions Width Depth Length Grip length Triangular Circular Edit Move Light Well
  • Changing the light well dimensions in 3D
    Changing the size of the Light well directly from the 3D view
    3D View Properties Toolbox Dimensions Geometry Width Depth Length Grip Triangular Circular Edit Length Move Light Well