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Measurements and dimensions

  • Inserting a linear measurement (2 points)
    Dimensioning the drawing models: linear measurement (2 points)
    2D graphics Points Add Section Profile End Objects
  • Inserting a linear measurement
    Dimensioning drawing models: linear measurements
    Drawing 2D Graphics Add Point Objects Section Profile End
  • Measuring angles
    Dimensioning Drawing Models: Measuring angles
    Measuring angles: 2D graphics Point origin A B side angle measure
  • Measuring arches
    How to dimensio an Arc on a drawing model
    2D graphics height Measurement radius Angle curvature length
  • Measuring surfaces
    How to Measure Surfaces in drawing models
    2D graphics End Text final decimal color area Highlighted
  • Inserting Elevation Markers
    Dimensioning drawing models: inserting Elevation markers
    2D graphics Height Reference System Upper sub Level fields delta
  • Room dimensioning
    How to dimension rooms automatically
    Drawing 2D Graphics Toolbar Internal Parallel Perpendicular Quote Refresh Everything Points Add Items Section Profile Dimensioning rooms compartment end
  • Dimension properties
    How to change the characteristics and the geometry of dimensions
    Text initial final text decimal digits measurement mode Series Parallel Progressive Text Position Up Down Indicator Measurement Size symbols Geometry extreme length Distance Text Line only
  • The linear Measuring tape
    Let's see how to make a linear measurement in plan or 3D view
    Last decimal numbers floor plan Level 3D Measurement Measure Distance Linear measurement
  • The angular tape measurer
    How to take a Angle measurements in floor plan or 3D view
    Last decimal places Floor plan 3D Measurement Measure Distance Angle measurement