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The Roof object

  • How to define the size of the roof
    How to draw the Roof footprint
    Edita Rooftop Editor
  • Modify the Roof footprint
    How to modify the Roof footprint
    Edito roof segment section modify move rigidly offset insert
  • Drawing Roof slopes manually
    Drawing sloped roofs manually
    Editor Roofs Roof top line gradient inclination height
  • Automated definition of Roof slopes
    How to draw roof slopes automatically
    Editor Roofs Roofs End Auto Setting slopes Slope Roof
  • Opening in a roof slope
    How to make a hole in a roof slope
    Roof top opening terrace attic tank, hole
  • Creating openings in Roof tops
    How to make a hole in the roof to create a courtyard or a cloister
    Roof top Editor Auto Slopes End cut courtyard cloister
  • Defining Cornices and Eaves
    How to draw a cornice/eave on a sloped roof
    Slope Roof Pitch Eave
  • Cornice properties
    How to define the properties of the Cornice: layering, thickness, cut type and material
    roof top layering Material Thickness slope overhang protrusion cantilever
  • Floor plan alignment
    How to solve roof slab misalignments issues
  • Roof slab Wrong height
    How to align roof slabs
  • Roof slabs modelling errors - unaligned roof slabs
    how to proceed when a roof edge is not completely covered
  • 3D Material
    how to associate a 3D material with roof tiles
    3D textures, roof tiles