Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials

The Beginners LAB

  • Get started with your first Architecture Project in Edificius
    Set up your project and quickly produce your document prints
    indispensables few steps minutes operative
  • Quantity surveying a building
    How to obtain a detailed BoQ from the BIM model
    Indispensables first steps start working few minutes quickly fast getting started
  • Renderings, video and photo matching simulations
    How to quickly produce renderings, video and photo matching simulations
    The Indispensables first steps start working few minutes straight away operative
  • Using the automatic generation of Levels and Drawing Models
    How to use the Levels to draw and Generate Drawing Models correctly
    plan elevation view section isometric axonometry change management plans change personalization construction details drawings
  • Architectural objects and 2D graphics
    how to draw with architectural objects and insert detailing with 2D graphics
    empty envelope building wall rooms walls slabs stairs pillars beams filling points coating lines polylines arcs circles blocks raster images dxf measures quotas texts annotations labels
  • Drawing objects and their various uses
    How to choose objects in relation to their scope in the project
    vertical horizontal fences yards area spaces drainage wall partition loose stone balconies backfill building envelope
  • Inserting and modifying typed in measurements
    How to type in measurements directly through keyboard input
    typing length angle distance value point properties object
  • The function keys: the [A] key
    how to draw an object at a given distance from a refgerence point
    pre set certain distance reference point insert defined measure
  • Using function keys for drawing rapidly
    how to use the function keys from F5 to F12
    f6 f7 f8 f9 f10 f11 snap setting configure point connection direction opening snap edit
  • Drawing with the Linear and angle sap features
    How to activate/deactivate the Snap to grid and snap to angle features when drawing building envelopes
    interval step pitch rotation f9 f10
  • Using the Snap to extension feature
    how to take advantage of the extension snap feature to align objects
    options snap auto
  • Using the parallel guide line
    how to draw objects parallel to one another using the parallel guide line
    position magnets detect guided
  • Selecting objects
    how to select an object or a group of objects
    select deselect invert multiple group selected view
  • Object Grip features
    how to use object grips to edit object positions, size and format
    move reposition place size dimension length inclination position extend align shorten extend axis
  • The grips in multiple object selection
    how to move, mirror and rotate a group of objects
    movement rotation mirror Ctrl+C copy Ctrl+V paste
  • Object grips in 3D view
    how to use the object grips to position, move or rotate 3D objects
    Rotation Mirror copy paste move rotate duplicate
  • Selecting multiple objects
    how to select a category of objects based on specific characteristics
    Advanced entity filter groups Properties conditions criteria
  • The Object catalogues
    how to use the different types of catalogues: their main differences
    General Project User Archive
  • Applying materials
    how to add materials to an object
    acquire sample assign bucket
  • Applying Properties to Objects
    how to assign properties from one object to another (even from different projects)
    copy acquire sample assign bucket colour color texture material
  • Drawing in 3D with the help of magnets
    How to draw using an object's magnetic snap nodes and the plane axes
    magnetic rotating distance SNAP
  • Drawing in 3D using planes and axes
    how to draw in 3D using the automatic plane recognition the reference axis
    horizontal inclined vertical
  • Aligning specific objects in 3D view
    how to align doors, windows and openings along a specific axis horizontal vertical
    vertical horizontal holes openings assisted drawing
  • Drawing in 3D with the MagneticGrid
    how to create magnetic snap aids as a reference for modelling in the 3D environment
    snap magic wand recognition editor automatic beams columns
  • Following the Roof top geometry: using the Roof Sub Level
    how to adapt objects to the roof level automatically
    Height reference system join merge raise walls elevate columns roof
  • Model editing from drawing model views
    how to modify the BIM model acting from the drawing models
    BIM elevation view section updated layout plan area
  • Customizing Drawing models
    how to add detail elements to drawing models
    graphic shapes annotations text rectangle measures elevations material layers details styles
  • Customizing Drawing models: styles
    how to change the drawing models by editing the visualization styles
    layer hide screen color