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Drawing Models

  • The Area Plans
    how to insert an "Area Plan"
    Drawing Models
  • The Floor Plan views
    Inserting Floor Plan views in Drawing Models
    Insert Floor Plan Update Automatic Manual Box Print View drawing scale entities Exports DXF DWG format
  • Cross Sections
    Inserting Section views in Drawing Models
    Insert Floor level Update Automatic Manual box View Scale entity Print Export export format DXF DWG sections
  • The Elevation views
    How to insert Elevation views in Drawing Models
    Object prospect elevation view Title Update Automatic Manual Box File Print View design scale entities Exports DXF DWG
  • Isometric view
    Inserting Isometric views in Drawing Models
    Architectural Design isometric views Project Navigator toolbox Title Properties Box Manual Automatic Update View File Print Design scale entity Exports DXF DWG Isometric
  • Inserting Construction details
    Defining construction details in Drawing Models
    Drawing models details rectangle selection View box
  • Inserting Material Layer compositions
    Ho to insert Material Layers for an architectural object in drawing models
    Drawing Model toolbox Stairs font Title Description material Layers
  • Material Layer legends
    Inserting a building envelope material layers (walls, slabs, etc...) on Drawing Models
    hatch colour pattern
  • Shadows in Drawing models
    How to set up a "Floor plan", "Elevation", "Isometric" view with shadows
    Plan section view
  • The terrain altimetric profile
    How to define the terrain altimetric profile
    Earthworks levelling and excavation works
  • The cross-section view depth
    How to view objects drawn in the levels below on the current floor plan
    floor plan width