Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials


  • Drawing Windows
    Drawing a window and defining of the opening direction
    F7 Lateral Distance definition
  • Designing window in 3D View
    Inserting Windows in 3D View
    drawing distance land terrain keyboard insert glazing glazed curtain wall
  • Moving and Measuring windows
    Changing the position and dimensions of a Window in floor plan and 3D view
    Green Grip position placing blue sizing Properties Width Height Distance Side View 3D movement modify edit
  • Full height window
    How to set up and draw a building envelope so as to insert a single window that extends through multiple levels.
    building envelope wall
  • Window Characteristics and materials
    How to apply a model and a material to a Window
    Properties characteristics Model 1st first fixture 2nd second fixture roller shutter General Catalogue type model External Frame Glass Handle Colors
  • The Window's Geometry
    Modifying the window geometry
    Property Geometry internal external Reveal Sill Frame Cornice edit modify fixture
  • Window Gratings
    How to insert a grating on a window
    Position Internal External Centre offset Overhangs Links connection points side upper
  • The Window reveal
    Inserting a Reveal on a Window
    Inserting the Upper side Data